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Flavored Condoms Give Colors to Life

Condoms have become really popular these days as more and more people have discovered their usefulness and effectiveness. This is good news for the health sector as condoms can greatly help in preventing sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis and the like. As the popularity for condoms arises, more and more varieties have emerged. Fun and cool flavored condoms are now making waves due to the popularity of condoms.

When the condom was first introduced in the 1930s, there were only a few varieties. As their popularity grew, more and more kinds were made. There are now different sizes to accommodate different crowds. There are also a lot of brands to choose from and as well as the thickness of the condoms. Flavored condoms also made its way to the market catering to the growing needs of the people.

Everyone knows that rubber does not taste good at all. It also has an order that’s really not appealing. This has made condoms unappealing to the masses in the past. Now that’s all really in the past. There are now flavored condoms that are readily available in the market. From common flavors like vanilla, strawberry, grape, cherry, chocolate to exotic flavored condoms like cola and cannabis. This has made a lot of people happy as these flavored condoms are really tasty and exciting. There are also flavored lubricants that come with the condoms to make the experience tastier.

Promoting Safe Sex through Flavored Condoms

Flavored condoms are can make using condoms fun and has created a buzz due to the different flavors offered. It gives flavored condoms a chance to reach out to the masses especially those who find regular condoms boring and uneventful. Flavored customs are a great marketing strategy as it also appeals to teenagers. It promotes the usage of condoms to their age group.

Government and health agencies have been trying hard in trying to promote safe sex and prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Flavored condoms are great items as they entice people to use condoms. It may be part of the promotional campaign of some condom companies but it really helped in the campaign of the health organization against AIDS and STDs.

Flavored condoms can really help prevent STDs as they can be 98% effective when used properly. This is a great number considering the number of people developing STDs every year. Take time to buy flavored condoms for safer sex.

Funny Condom Names/Nicknames

The eight-year term of President Bill Clinton was a period of relative peace and prosperity. Unfortunately, his term of office is likely to be remembered by history for events of a far different nature.

In 2005, the Guangzhou Haokian Bio-science company of China introduced a line of condoms named for our 43rd president (with the Chinese spelling of Kelitun). A 12-pack of Clintons sold for $5.00. Too much? How about $3.00 for a dozen of the company’s Laiwensiji (for Monica Lewinsky) brand condoms?

Over the years, condoms have been known by a host of different names. Some of them are inventively descriptive, while others sound strangely cryptic to the ears of modern readers. The following is just a sample, and is assumed by this writer to be far from complete:

Bob – (why Bob?)

Cock Sock


Condomus Maximus





French Letter

Gentleman’s Jerkin

The Goalie


Hazmat Suit

Jimmie Hatz


Jimmy Hat


Johnny Bag

Love Glove

Love Sock

Mr. Prevention

Nodding Sock





Robber Johnnies


Rubber Magic

Rubber Straitjacket


Salami Sling

Sex Shark Warmer


Snake Charmer

The Tour Guide

Willie Hat

Willie Warmer

Condom users in other lands have their own names:

Denmark – Gummimand­, for “Rubberman,”

Hungary – Ovsver, for “Safety Tool,”

Hong King – Pei Dang Vi, for “Bulletproof Vest,”

Portugal – Camisa De Venus, for “Venus Shirt,”

Nigeria – Okpuamu, for “Penis Hat,”

Indonesia – Koteca, for “Penis Gourd,” and

Spain – globo, for “Balloon.”

In England, French Letters will protect you against the French Disease, while a French man might choose to protect himself from La Maladie Anglaise (the English disease), or (the Italian or Neopolitan disease). A Francophobic German might choose to wear a Pariser (Parisian). Many Arabs attribute the scourge of syphilis to the English (the English disease), while the Russians blame the Poles (the Polish disease).

If you have a name to add to the list, we’d love to hear it! Drop it in the comments below

Do It Like An Olympian

Lovemaking improves your health – FACT!

Doing it, bumping uglies, gettin’ down and dirty, making love, whatever you choose to call it, it may offer benefits for both body and mind. Science proves it! Besides feeling good, I mean really really good, having sex can help improve health.

Boost your immunity by doing the horizontal dance between the sheets. No, really; making love more often is associated with higher levels of the body’s own natural defenses to illness. Getting one to two weekly doses of lovin’ has been linked to increased amounts of the antibody immunoglobin A or IgA, which can offer protection from infections like the common cold. So along with getting plenty of fluids, veggies, and fruits, adding a healthy dose of sexual healing with our fruit flavored condoms can be good for your health.

Get lean, toned, and healthy with that special bedroom exercise we all know and love. Just a half hour of sexual activity can burn 85 calories, more if you are especially vigorous or acrobatic, so keep up the yoga classes! A real hot and heavy lovemaking session can get the heart rate up and start the body sweating; it’s great aerobic exercise for both partners. Experts know that bringing your special guy or gal to a climax is a wonderful achievement and can take hard work, both physically and psychologically. With the help of fun flavored condoms, you can inspire a great fat-burning, muscle-toning workout session. You know it will be way more fun than that step aerobics class down at the gym.

You may have noticed how you love to roll over and snooze after an especially exciting bout of lovemaking, but did you know that sex is actually linked to getting better sleep? According to research, the oxytocin the body releases during orgasm helps promote sleep. Also known as the intimacy chemical, oxytocin helps create a feeling of calmness, security, and trust, while solidifying the bond between partners. This may be why cuddling up and having a nap is so appealing after a good boot-knocking session. Getting enough sleep is linked to many health benefits like improved cognitive function, maintaining a healthy weight, and better immune responses. So, give in to your body’s cravings and let yourself have a snore after sexy time.

As passion rises, stress reduces and blood pressure lowers. It is well known that having a great shag can help shed anxiety and stress. This can be beneficial to both physical and mental health. Frequent intercourse is also associated with lower blood pressure levels which is good for the brain and the heart. Be adventurous and try some flavored condoms, tell your partner they are heart healthy!

Bubble Gum Condoms

Bubble Gum Flavored Condoms? Move Over Bazooka Joe!

As kids we all remembered going to a local baseball game and rampaging the nearest snack stand. While other kids would choke on pixie stick sugar dust the rest of us couldn’t wait to get our hands on some of that sweet Bazooka Joe bubble gum! Not for the gum, that part was terrible, but because we wanted the cheesy ass little comics inside. I’m not sure why but it gave our little meaningless lives a purpose to know we only had a few more comics to go in order to collect them all. Then video games ruined everything.

As adults we’ve all moved past our former glory days and now look to the future of our passion to collect more things we don’t really need. But we want them and honestly that’s what really matters. So what better thing to want to collect than all the flavored condoms science can offer! From cherry to snozzberries there’s a plethora of awesome goodness to collect. We simultaneously fill the void of finding rare things by collecting a tool meant to help fill, well another kind of void. However, growing up in this fast paced society we all become jaded much to quickly. “What’s the use of having all these wonderful latex pleasure fruits neatly lined up in my top drawer if I already know what’s inside?” you’ve probably asked yourself (not me though, I keep my socks in the top drawer).

The adventure and mystery must continue to grow and spark that child like wonder back into our busy lives.Which brings me to my next point. Bubble gum flavored condoms…with comics! The next time you buy that pack of Cap’n Crunch Berry flavored love socks you’ll be in for a wonderous surprise!

Imagine: The mood is nice but not perfect, you probably could have set up a playlist or something on your computer, it’s been a couple days since you and your partner decided to spice things up so you picked up this particular pack of flavored condoms because the box looked neat or something. So you two are there, you bust out these babies and as she’s shaking her head while opening the package out pops a little Tijuana Bible! A “what the fuck” moment naturally happens but now you’re both laughing and having a great time! Who knows maybe you’ll get some fun ideas from the comics inside (Seriously have you read one before?)

And there you have it, the wave of the future! Not only will people be scrambling to collect them all but you can actually use the product inside to do more than break your teeth when you chew on it. Yes just because we grow up doesn’t mean we have to let the things that made our childhood worth living go. Plus there’s the sex part. That’s awesome too.

Multi-Flavored Condoms?

It’s Mmmmmulti-Flavored!

“No love without the glove,” “Don’t be silly, wrap your willy,” “Don’t forget your rubbers,” and “Put a cap on it,” are phrases we’ve all heard to remind people to use condoms and practice safe sex. Condoms can help keep us safe from transmittable diseases and their use should be a top priority among sexually active people regardless of age. The only trouble is, sometimes we find ourselves with a mouthful of latex, and let’s face it, rubber doesn’t taste very good.

Thank heavens someone discovered a way to make latex taste great and invented flavored condoms! Flavored condoms are now available in tried and true tastes such as mint, vanilla, cola, chocolate, and strawberry, but what about those times when you want something a little more exotic? We’ve got just what Dr. Feelgood ordered!

Our new line of movie-inspired flavored condoms is sure to keep your palate perked and your sex life more interesting with tantalizing tastes like:

·     The Godfather, which tastes like cannoli

·     The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which tastes like rocky road ice cream

·     The Frank N. Furter, which tastes like everyone’s favorite all-beef hot dog

·     The Pulp Fiction, which tastes like a Big Kahuna Burger

·     The Napoleon Dynamite, which tastes like a dang quesadilla

And our newest favorite, a truly unique experience among flavored condoms, Wonka’s Willy, which tastes like a four course meal! It begins with tomato soup, and continues with a baked potato and sour cream. The third course is roast beef, and the delightful finish is the best blueberry cream pie you’ve ever tasted!

We are currently working on two double secret probation flavors, the Animal House and the limited edition Bluto. They are geared for those who like a hard-core party, and that’s really all we can say about them. We should have them available for preorder very soon.

Our flavored condoms are so delicious, you’ll wonder how you ever experienced sex without them. They were developed in Sweden after years of clinical research and listening to client feedback. They are made with the highest quality, all natural ingredients like organic fruits, contain no artificial colors, no high fructose corn syrup, and are egg-, dairy-, and gluten-free.

Don’t settle for ordinary flavored condoms when you don’t have to. Try our movie-inspired flavored condoms for all-new taste sensations! Your sex life with never be the same. By the way – THIS IS A SPOOF POST! 

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