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Flavored Condoms taste delicious buy flavored condoms

6 Packs Of Condoms & Free Vibe Ring


Have a party in your mouth and get a free Vibrating Cock Ring worth $9! Six boxes of 3 packs – Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana, Mint, Vanilla and Grape.

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Assorted Flavor Party 24 Pack

What’s that? You’re stocking up to save $$? Then this is the pack for you. Everyone should have a box of these in their bed side drawer.

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Assorted Flavor Party 12 Pack

All the flavored condoms we offer in one package. Get your freek on and start enjoying these flavored condoms. Play safe people!

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10 Max Hard Packs

10 packs of single dose MaxHard Pills. MaxHard is the maximum legal strength for a non-prescription erectile dysfunction solution.

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3 Vibrating Cock Rings

3 Vibrating cock rings. Individually wrapped and lasts up to 80mins. This is the most powerful ring you can buy! Tip – try wearing three at once for the ultimate buzzzzzzz.

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Assorted Flavor Bumper 24 Pack

Going out and need a place to put your condoms? We have the answer – a condom box with a handle! Buy 24 flavored condoms for your big night.

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Tastees Natural Condoms 12 Pack

NEW! Tastee’s Natural Condoms are non-flavored, extra thin for extra pleasure and have naturally clear lubricant.

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Ribbed And Studded Condoms 12 Pack

NEW! Tastee’s Ribbed & Studded Condoms are non-flavored and have bumpy ribs and studs – so you can both feel extra pleasure!

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Natural Condoms Combo 24 Pack

Special Offer – Save $13! Try our new Natural condoms AND our Ribbed & Studded condoms for only $11.95 – Plus get a free Vibe Ring worth $9

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Strawberry Flavored Condoms 3 Pack

Ahhhh Strawberries!  Anyone for dessert?  Just add a little whip cream to these strawberries and VOILA! Strawberries and cream!

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Chocolate Flavored Condoms 3 Pack

Everyone knows girls love chocolate. Treat your girl to a bouquet of roses and a box of these chocolates.

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Banana Flavored Condoms 3 Pack

Savor the phallic flavor with this BEST SELLER! Monkeys can’t resist bananas and neither should you!

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Grape Flavored Condoms 3 Pack

In France they tread on grapes to make wine. Safety tip – don’t tread on these grapes. Just eat them.

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Vanilla Flavored Condoms 3 Pack

We recommend trying these right after the chocolate flavored condoms. Think man-made mud pie… Just like grandma used to make.

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Mint Flavored Condoms 3 Pack

Do you like mojito’s? Yep we do too, so why stop that mint delicious-ness when you leave the bar? Try these and keep the party going.

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